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By Janine - 12 May 2016

In Reference to: 8 May 2016 - Motherís Day Heavenly Reflection

Dear Frank,

Awesome response! You've opened up my eyes, and I thank you for that, Frank, for making the most obvious and marvelous association, which I thought I already knew, but couldn't verbalize the exact sentiment as you so aptly portrayed to me in your response, bravo for an excellent "angle!"....

You knew already, instinctively, that I would readily agree and your answer now encourages me to ask you but yet another question (hoping you won't mind it, really)... and will go ahead, Frank, taking a deep breath first, naturally...

Wouldn't it seem, Frank, from your pointing out here, that when humans began eating non-human animals (and at times, even "fellow" human animals, when cannibalism occurrs) that they degenerated to the extent that human beings' collective spiritually was diminished, and then they "broke-down" as you mentioned, which is also when greed and lust became over-powering, and even up to the point, eventually, when modern-day factory farms ensued, making it easier to consume more and more meat, and eventually profiting from eating baby animals, as you pointed out, exploiting the non-human animals even further as breeding machines and not as living entities, turning it into "cash-cows" types of industries, money-motivated governmental subsidizing and false advertising (meat likened as a good source of protein, and one "needs" it sort of thing) that we could also assume that when the time comes that we STOP consuming the flesh and other ways we use animals with all their bi-products and completely STOP exploiting them in any way and begin caring for our other fellow creatures that we will once again, ONLY THEN be able to become more spiritually uplifted when this "curse" of selfishness is removed from our spirits, and we finally realize the value of these wonderful sentient beings, who have a FACE and we shall feel the compelling love that ANY mother has for its young, as well?

Sorry about that long run-on sentence (above) but it seems that a very simple conclusion could be that if only everyone could SEE the folly in our sins against non-human animals, that this madness leading to killing, abusing, exploiting, etc. would one day completely stop, wouldn't it, resulting in humans realizing that being vegan is the ONLY way (not just living the vegetarian lifestyle or become dietary vegans) but in order to fully realizing our spiritual potential since we have been created in G-d's compassionate image and it's up to us to choose the right path to get closer to G-d and emulate G-d's merciful attributes in every way possible?

Wonder how many others on your list spill out their innermost feelings and ask you pertinent soul-searching questions such as these, Frank? Hope I'm not tiring you out with all my requests!

A High School teacher once praised a student for all of  her questions because she said it made her "Think!" and sharpened her skills at being better prepared for the next question (there was ALWAYS another question, ha, ha, ha!!!)




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