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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 12 May 2016

In Reference to: 8 May 2016 - Motherís Day Heavenly Reflection

Dear Janine:

You are correct, but we believe that this loss of spirituality, or connection with God began in Eden with human disobedience to God, and was further compounded by the eating of animal products even before the flood.

What all of these things did was harden our hearts and souls, and make us less able to hear and comprehend the unction of the Holy Spirit who was trying to lead us back into the heavenly will of God.

We also believe that this hardening of the heart is part, if not all of what causes the animals to fear us.

Yes, the protein myth is all part of this corruption, for we can get all the protein we need from the plant foods that God created for us to eat.

We also believe that becoming and ethical vegan begins to reverse the process and make us more attune to the unction of the Holy Spirit, if we are willing to accept Him.

We arenít getting as many of these kinds of questions these days, but we get enough to realize that we have to keep going.

And, you never bother us; we appreciate your comments and questions.

If we left anything out, please let us know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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