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By Janine - 11 May 2016

In Reference to: 8 May 2016 - Motherís Day Heavenly Reflection

Dear Frank,

I thank you for your knack of finding quotes that resonate with applicable reference right to the source. Your references are extremely promising, if only more people could see how blessed we could be if we understood how we are able to eventually see things more clearly and do the right thing!

Now, Frank, I do have a hunch that you will be able to properly answer one of my questions. You see, I have been thinking in general about the significance of the concept of Motherhood and how it connects the human animal and non-human animals alike, who also are born to their mothers and fathers, initially being born through the birth canal of their mothers into our world. 

The significance of the term "Mother," it might appear, therefore, is that G-d enabled continuance of each of our generations by the gift of Motherhood to procreate and continue the succession. What seems unclear, however, is why do some human animals believe that the non-human animals do not possess this motherly love similarly to human mothers? 

Some species surprisingly mother babies from outside of their own species to protect abandoned or orphaned little ones instinctively. If one species from a non-human animal has the ability to have compassion for another animal of an entirely different species (even its would-be victim that it might have been inclined to hunt in the wild, when older) there should be a common thread for humans to realize there really isn't much difference in the concept of Motherhood, whether it be a human mother or a non-human mother animal, does this make any sense, Frank? 

The conclusion, rather obviously, is that we ought to protect the Mother's right to care for its young ones, and not behave abominably such as in factory farming, separating calves from their Mothers, etc., etc. and surely not to eat them!!!

Thanks for reading this! I am fortunate to be able to go and visit my Mother again (last saw her on her 90th birthday) this time for another celebration in the family, for this time, the last one of my nephews is getting married and my Mother has several great grandchildren and the sense of Motherhood is very comforting! I wish more people would have a stronger connection with family ties and the importance of Motherhood in general!



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