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By Janine - 1 Sep 2015

In Reference to: 30 August 2015 - Heavenly Love Fulfills Our Faith

Dear Frank,

I agree with you wholeheartedly, and wish to add a few thoughts from what I'm currently studying about, in Genesis (my Torah portion, a late "adult-bat-mitzvah" never had one in my teens when I was living in Israel)  which I'll share with you, Frank, just as soon as I am close to completing my research on it, hopefully soon, since it's coming up very fast indeed, the date will be the 10th of October, 2015)... meanwhile I also wanted to comment on your intuitive remark, Frank, which is extremely in-line with my way of thinking as well, about how in general we wait for G-d to make changes, whereas it is us, who need to realize WE have the power to choose, and therefore we need to be the active partners-in-G-d to walk in G-d's ways, emulating the kind attributes of G-d and doing GOOD WORK not just in thoughts and intentions, and I get similar negative responses from those who believe that when "moshiach" returns, the world will be a vegetarian utopia, once again as in Genesis (Garden of Eden) however they don't realize that if WE were to all become vegan first, then that would hasten the "Tikun Olam" or healing of the world, isn't that correct, from your point of view?!?

At my vegan Bat Mitzvah I plan to distribute for free literature about the religious side to vegetarianism/veganism (A Sacred Duty DVD's, and some other printed stuff) and not sure if you've seen it, but it can be viewed online, on YouTube, I believe) and then will offer three prizes to those answering three questions correctly following my Torah-Talk on how Genesis appeals to me, which will be gift certificates to vegan restaurants... anyway, sorry for this muddled-up run-on-sentence paragraph which is rather long...please do excuse the rush!



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