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By Janine - 31 Aug 2015

In Reference to: 30 August 2015 - Heavenly Love Fulfills Our Faith

Dear Frank,

Amen to your most welcome recent sermon, Frank! Profoundly full of insight, and room for great spiritual incentive for change.

It is the superb power of choice, indeed, that we are given, as was indicated in the chapters in the beginning of Genesis, and also in your sermen with the details of how you see love fulfilling our faith as it should, and jusst as you indicated, after reading your magnificent sermon, it brings me to feel that others can also draw conclusions, and it should make us all think about the possibility of re-defining what LOVE really means to us, in our daily lives, and for you, Frank, to perhaps suggest how about some individuals possibly not only sharing how this topic interests them, but create such thoughts to be expressed not only verbally but in writing (hopefully this challenge will be acceptable to others) and bring about the notion of possibly each individual would be challenged to submit a poem or prayer, or a short and meaningful story around how to express the concept of love, as it relates to something similar to the following:

Compassionate and Caring Love,

Love from a Commitment to Veganism,


Expressions of universal love, while offering words of encouragement, or communicating world peace and harmony

(For I see the above three concepts inter-related, don't you?)

Frank, what do you think of that idea?

It would seem from what you had just submitted and shared with us, in your most recent sermon, Frank, evokes a much sought out response, coming from the readers of this sermon, in a sort of "narrative" that defines how a spiritual human individual ought to lead their life:

Something that encompasses making compassionate choices, actions in our deeds, and lack of supporting the ever increasingly violent paths that, unfortunately, would be leading to suffering/pain/torture to non-human animals (as well as human beings) and knowing that love is a reflection of a higher spiritual state of not only religious emotion but actions, the deeds of which bring about peace for ALL and the over-riding power that it uses, by the effect on those who CHOOSE to believe in this love, and that this LOVE is all-inclusive, and divine!

Thanks for being perceptive and for sharing your magnificent sermons, Frank. You are exceptionally inspiring! Amen.



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