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By Joyce - 23 Feb 2014

In Reference to: 23 February 2014 - You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Frank, I agree.  We should not do harm to any living creature.  (I wonder how many mice, with their droppings, I can endure in my house and chicken coup.  I will not kill my few chickens, and the mice eat their food.  Dog Lucy is a mouser, and kills and eats some mice, but they are in the house again now.  Do any of you have golden answers for rodent control, that do not involve killing?)

So, to love our neighbor as ourselves (all creatures) we should do no harm.  Well, are we left with loneliness and indifference then?  Frankly, I only feel really loved when others want to pay attention to me, seem glad to see me, seem glad to  help me if I need, are basically interested in my life and my well-being.  No, nobody is really hurting me, but do I feel loved?  Not really by many, and even only mildly by family members.  Nobody at churches, because they don't even want to know me.  Christian real friends? Forget it!!  My position is that not hurting is only half of the love equation.  Positive valuing and involvement is the other half.   Why do you think I wrote all those articles?  We will not be able to "cure" hardheartedness in very many without positive, warm, involved relationships with demonstrated interests in PERSONS, human or other animal.  (I do have some that I believe truly love me, but not many.  Maybe nobody has many.)

Your sermon sounds like we only have to stop hurting others to fulfill all the love commandment.  Nope!!  (Hope you aren't mad at me, Frank.) 

Your the best, though, Frank!!   


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