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By Mary - 26 Jan 2014

In Reference to: 26 January 2014 - True Christians Need to Live as Peacemakers

Hi Frank,

I read your sermon and as always, it made me feel so much better.  You seem to cut through the anger and madness we are feeling and sort it out in a manner that makes sense.  Thank you and I always enjoy the sermons.  

I still hope that God will not welcome these butchers of animals into his Kingdom even at the end they try to repent.  I feel there will never be repentance enough for what is being done to these innocent beings..the workers who beat the animals are bad enough but the owners who are making billions off the backs of animals are the ones also that I know I never would forgive, ever.  So they enjoy a beautiful life with all their luxuries from the torture of animals and when they are dying they ask God for forgiveness and that is it...do they get it?  If they do, I don't think that is giving animals or people who commit atrocities any justice whatsoever..it would say to me go out and do anything you want and then repent and all will be well...that part I don't understand?  Maybe you could explain that in one of your sermons because I hear that a lot from people..the forgiveness of God and the infuriation people feel about these animal abusers is that there should be no forgiveness at all...they know what they are doing and they are enjoying the money they are making and the sadistic workers are enjoying taking out their frustrations on the animals..they all know what they are doing.


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