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By Mary - 19 Jan 2014

In Reference to: 19 January 2014 - Faith, Trust, God versus Evil, Corruption, Devil

Hi Frank,

Just read your sermon and as usual, it really helped me as I was really wondering about my faith in God lately because this animal cruelty seems to be getting worse and worse and although man is with sin, the animals are without so I kept asking myself why he doesn't save them, those without sin, and take them into his arms and not have them hurt any more.  They suffer more than anything on the face of the earth I think and they are the ones who least deserve this so I just don't understand all of it.  I try to have faith..if man wants to hurt man that is one thing but why hurt the innocent beautiful animals who just want love and are not deserving of the horrible existence that they have to endure before the horrible end...most of mankind do not have to suffer like this so why the animals..the ones who do not deserve it.  Oh well...I hope all is well with you and Mary and the fight continues huh...do you think we are making any progress at all..I have not stopped trying..keep posting things constantly on FB and am despised for it but I don't care.


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