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Our Sermon Section
By Susan - 16 Jun 2013

In Reference to: 9 June 2013 - Nothing is Impossible with God

Sue, I'm so glad you shared this with me.

Frank, thank you for giving and posting this sermon.

It fits with some thoughts I was thinking today.

Frank, you truly understand what it feels like to watch fellow church members ignore and violate billions of beings while saying they "love animals" because they happen to have a few cats and dogs, horses and hamsters, and maybe birds and bunnies in their lives.   

Never was a truer statement ever made than when you say of "ethical vegetarians and vegans who used to eat the flesh and by-products of the animal agriculture industries . . . but now speak out against all forms of animal use and exploitation":

"The miraculous changes that took place in their lives are no different than what happened to Paul . . . ."

I'm glad your main message is that nothing is impossible to God!

And I'm grateful for the opportunity we have to prove this fact daily by relying on ever-stronger faith, ever-purer love, ever-deeper humility, and ever-developing spiritual understanding.

With gratitude,

Susan in Houston