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Our Sermon Section
By Jean - 14 Apr 2013

In Reference to: 14 April 2013 - Keep Following Jesus

Hello Pastor Frank,
Thank you so very much for your ministry. I am spending a few days alone on the Ocean, and while walking the beach earlier I was trying to reconcile how Jesus promoted fishing. When I got back to my hotel room and pulled up today's sermon, I saw that Jesus gave me my answer. I was also thinking today how we have all been so programmed and what a painful experience is it to question everything in our life.

Since becoming vegan after being a vegetarian for 29 years, my life has changed by leaps and bounds. I can now understand what it truly means to be born again. My husband recently went vegan and I can see him changing every day on so many things he never questioned before...he just accepted things like everyone else.
Your teachings the last year has given me much hope that I needed to "keep following Jesus". I've been trying to minister to my Mom and family about living compassionate and that means living a vegan lifestyle. I have had the fishing justification from them about if Jesus didn't care about the fish why should we. Your sermon today was an answered prayer for me.
Peace to you and your family,