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Our Sermon Section
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 7 Jan 2013

In Reference to: 6 January 2013 - Where Was Jesus Born?

Dear Sarah:
Thank you very much for writing back.
It’s not easy to listen to what the other person is thinking, particularly in emails, and we’re happy we connected. (I’m Frank)
Let me give you another example that hopefully will help you with your love and trust relationship with God.
Do you eat food prepared by someone other than yourself? Then you trust them enough to eat their food. If someone you trust makes a dish that you’ve tried before, do you think it’s going to be horrible, or do you look forward to trying it. And we doubt that you have struggled within yourself as much as you mentioned in your email about “trying” God. Just ask Jesus to come into your heart. His spiritual food is much better than anything else you’ve ever eaten.
Also, when you turn on the light switch, do you trust that the light will go on? Asking the Lord into your life is even easier, for you don’t even have to do that much work, and His light will shine within you.
The wisdom you read about in Proverbs 2 is the ability to utilize the Godly insight and knowledge that you have acquired.
You’re on the correct path.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary