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Our Sermon Section
By Craig Cline - 3 Jan 2013

In Reference to: 30 December 2012 - What Are Our New Year’s Resolutions?

Dear Frank,
You have pointed out a MAJOR dilemma, Frank, and that is that apparently Christians don't want to apply the Golden Rule universally, to ALL creatures, and have proven over those thousands of years of history that they won't.  Thus, I can't see how an individual like me can continue to spend the time to try to force an answer to the "application of the Golden Rule" question.  The great majority of so-called Christians aren't interested in peace and non-violence for creatures other than themselves.

If they haven't "seen the light" by now, they are blind to it -- by choice.

So I guess I should choose to give up in my quest to cause them to live up to THEIR Golden Rule in its broadest sense.  Otherwise, I would just waste even more time than I have already.  I know that this is a cynical conclusion, but you have told me why I should so conclude.  Still, I hope that you will keep belaboring this issue.  Because you are "in the fold" of religious people, they might at least listen to you.