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By Mike - 8 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 24 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

Hi Lulu,

...Again, thanks for your informative and even handed post.  I must admit that I am guilty of getting frustrated with other Christians who want to make a dividing line between fun and miserable.  I know I just made a hard and generalized example here but, I am short of time and want to make my point quickly.  In truth, I love having fun and yet, I love to be reverent as well.  Soooo many Christians are divided, today... more so than in previous years, I think, with perhaps the possible exception of when I was young and the Catholics and Protestants, here in my area, would call each other names.

When my kids were growing up, I use to tell them something similar to what you said.  I would tell them that the world and the devil just love it when we argue... I would tell them that there are plenty of badguys in the world who, if given a chance, would love to hurt us and so, it was soooo important to stick together and to love and be kind to each other.

I am sooo sorry to hear about your daughter and what she has gone through and no doubt, you too.  You will all be kept in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

take care,