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By Lulu - 6 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 24 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

Nicely said Mike. This argument is a sad reflection on the one thing I am sure we can all agree on - that we have each been guilty of some time - being a little too zealous in our understanding. 

Those people who I spoke of in my previous message, ended up dividing our church in their 'All sin is enjoyable therefore we can't sing, be happy, dance or ever really enjoy ourselves, therefore there is happiness is suffering and misery and I am such a good little christian' and you know, today, some 7 years on, those same miserable people are still teaching their take on the gospel to more misguided and miserable people who abstain from anything God put here for us - our beautiful planet (oh no, that is earth worship), safe alternative medicine (oh no, that is new age pagan rubbish), modern hymns (oh no, God only sanctioned the old boring stuff so we could never get up and enjoy it - and woe betide those of us who jazzed them up and got the congregation to their feet) - on and on an one it goes.

Apart from a few little angry hiccups imposed on this page, which brought human nature over faith, I love what this page stands for - and feel so sad that disagreements between His people are giving more fun to the devil than any halloween fun ever does. As I say to my kids when they argue - the devil hates that we have the joy and love that so many lack, so he is putting little arrows in to cause dissent - and they are falling for it. Test it guys - since my daughter was raped, lost her baby then widowed within 2 years, after waiting for her one and only love, being a missionary from a young age, counselling her peers even when she was deathly ill, and patient and loving when all around her was in chaos, was a young minister along with her future husband and sang the gospel with him like angels, she now has little time for God or Jesus - something I never thought possible. But, even though she knows the truth, it has been the supposed people of God who have hurt her and her beloved husband the most. As she says, why would she ever be that diligent christian when all she got was punishment while those evil around her were blessed (including those who disrupted our church and drove the needy away) - and when she needed Him, not just here and there for a broken nail, but 7 years of suffering I know no one reading this could tolerate. But I say again, test it. My daughter no longer prays as she says God has no time for her - and the disruption in this house is palpable.

Every single day without fail is an upset - the infighting and bickering and yelling that fills this house where once there was just joy and music and love, just shows me it is not so much disobedience - if it were, it would be the polar opposite of what has happened. It is that HUMAN trait of nit picking and disagreements over stupid stuff. It's almost like 'if you say the wrong thing, you must not be a real christian after all' - which I am sure we all want to avoid.

Anyway, here's a nice little article on the true history of halloween and yes, it is very much a christian thing - it is not the pagans who ran around dressing up.....