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Our Sermon Section
By Elaine - 6 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 4 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

I just wanted to say, just because we ENJOY something does not make it GODLY.  We are all entitled to our personal opinions but, as a Christian who once enjoyed Halloween, too, because I liked getting scared and monsters, it does NOT glorify God nor honor Him in any way.

SIN is pleasurable but that is not the measure of whether or not something is from God or Christian.  It is what it is, like it or not. 

In the culture we have now of slasher movies and movies full of gratuitous violence and even graphic torture of other human beings, how about creating a holiday that celebrates kindness and all of the good we humans are capable of instead of one that dwells on darkness, evil and death?   Do we really need more of that in our world?

Most churches do put on events that are fun and where the kids can dress up as super heroes and fairies so that there is an alternative for them since they are too young to understand the full implications of what Halloween has become in our culture.  Its a pretty pathetic community that NEEDS Halloween as and excuse to socialize with one's neighbors!  That is a sad commentary on what our world is becoming, isn't it?

Preach the truth Brother Frank!  Just because people do not want to hear it doesn't mean it is any less truth!

God Bless,