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By Lulu - 5 Nov 2012

In Reference to: 4 November 2012 - Halloween Versus God’s Heavenly Will

Yay, I am not the only one. Actually, I remember back with some of the warm feeling here - our church, rather than ostracize kids for wanting to feel part of  society, always held halloween parties in our hall. Kids dressed up - yes, even devils although they are not my favourite. As a kid whose mother swung between occult and devout faith, I am painfully aware of the dark side - possibly moreso than the average christian. And yes, I have seen stuff that would freak you out for life. BUT I love halloween. I have become the scary house for the local kids. Not yet up to Tim the Toolman Taylor's level but there's always next year haha. I agree - it is the one time where community feels safe enough to walk the streets without fear, both in having some fun and dressing up - all ages AND looking out for each other, something they rarely do any other day of the year. Some of my favourite 'looks' have been Morticia Addams, the Banshee, Bodicaea and Medusa. So what? Our dogs go as fairies and my children range from Greek mythology and history to supernatural. So far they have not been possessed and I do not expect they will, just for getting into some fun. I remember these arguments with church elders, that I was somehow opening a magic portal for my children's souls. Yes, these same elders who drove broken people away from our church and broke more souls than I have ever witnessed elsewhere, including out in the secular world.

To make the holiday even better this year, I left my costume on to drive into the city and pick my daughter up from our crowded airport. Stopping at lights was brilliant and showed me how much good, clean fun is missing - sadly, most adults looked down at me (yet not at the scantily clad drunken girls) - although the look on the faces of the kids was priceless. 

A grown nana all in black with scary makeup rivalling the scariest banshee. My daughter, a flight attendant who must live up to rigid standards everywhere she goes, just wrapped her arms around me and we walked out arm in arm. THAT is what it is about, not some man-made silly superstition that is becoming all too common in this sad world.

I love your work Frank - even when ppl disagree it paves the way for discussion, sharing and understanding. GBU