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By Noelene - 2 Sep 2012

In Reference to: 2 September 2012 - Peace: Many Branches, But One Root

Dear Frank,

Thank you for the Sermon; I feel strongly that  we, as nations, do need, indeed, to examine, and acknowledge, our own part in the causes  which have led to the conflict and killing.

I was particularly drawn to your last paragraph – together with all the tremendous insight you express – we THANK GOD for it -  where you said that we need to pray for and about our ‘enemies’, and see through their sins to the person THAT GOD WANTED THEM TO BE.......because I think and feel that GOD’S LOVE, with its expression in Our LOVE, too, sent out and focused towards these misguided perpetrators, can filter through into their minds and hearts.. so that the precious animals are freed to be what GOD wants THEM to be....Isn’t our “imagination” a very powerful, God-given thought-form?  (Emile Coue reckoned it will always win over will-power,( which is perhaps more self-focused?))

Isn’t GOD’s view always the perfection in which He Created animals, man, – everything – as He watches us/them gradually return to that which we were meant to be?

Isn’t that the freedom and the pain of giving us free-will so that our choices actually mean something and lead to growth towards the Return to HIS WAYS??

Seeing-through what is happening is a challenge here in this country also, where our major income-source comes from an ‘industry’ involving the killing of God’s creatures;  as do many of the “sports”.

We have ‘blood on our hands’ from something many of us now completely abhor. May that number multiply a million-fold.

As people in the Western world are beginning to hear and see more and more of the horrors, worldwide and locally, and just beginning to realise that what hurts one hurts all, surely the impetus against it all is growing, compassion is slowly seeping into their awareness.... You and Mary and all-creatures.org, and this Group are doing SO MUCH towards that happening;  and I am so thankful for having located you!