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Our Sermon Section
By Barb - 20 Aug 2012

In Reference to: Our Sermons in General

Dear Frank,

My sister (Judy) wrote today to say "He is a very loving person." after she read your sermon yesterday.

This surprised me because she does not give compliments easily. She has a small library of religious books/bibles and is not very tolerant of other's beliefs. But she is impressed by you. I wrote back to tell her that you are the only minister who is Courageous Enough to Speak the Truth. I am so grateful for you. She has tried to go veg for 10 years but failed but now I am believing for a small miracle concerning her eating habits.

Yes, you're right. I believe my co-workers may have thought badly of him for saying that animals can't think or feel pain. I will continue to speak up at work when appropriate and will practice speaking to strangers also. I remember what you said - to "speak softly" and they will hear. I feel a great need to help them, and you and Dana and many others here are inspiring me.

Thank you so much,


(It felt sad that Kirk wants to hide his vegetarianism for fear of reproach. So very odd that we are fearful of Doing Good. Like the whole world is upside down.)