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Our Sermon Section
By Daisy - 27 Jul 2012

In Reference to: 22 July 2012 - From Mourning to Positive Action

I just re-read what I wrote last night (below) and I realize that I am Angry. I am angry because I hurt so much for the animals and how we destroy their lives because they are helpless against our violence.
Most people really do not know much about animal suffering because they choose not to. They are afraid to know because they don't want to give up their addiction or face the fact that they are able to kill for their addiction. I myself did not know until 8 years ago. When I accidently came across Farm Sanctuary and Peta's websites I was Devastated for them. And that is an understatement.
If they do not know, then it is my duty to teach them but I lack the courage to converse with them. I lack this Perfect Love that casts out fear. Why? What exactly is it?
After I leaflet to them and they Do Know but continue to kill, then I lose all respect for them and I feel I am correct to do so I because I do not know how to love people who can kill helpless animal babies & mothers in hideous manners because "they taste good". I feel they are immoral, hypocritical, unbelievably selfish, and cruel. 

(This may sound awful, but I am trying to be honest about my feelings.) I may smile and talk to relatives and co-workers but I disrespect people who Pretend to be good or kind but Kill So Easily, so Heartlessly.
How do I find/feel that Perfect Love that casts out Fear so that I can become an ongoing effective teacher? And when I am able to master that, will Perfect Love take away my anger for those who have hearts of stone and keep killing? Or is God angry too? Perhaps He gives this anger to me so that I will not give up this fight? I often wish He were angry enough to end the world so the animal holocaust would stop.

I know many people who gave up the fight because they could not take the grief and frustration anymore. They stay in their own little worlds trying to shield themselves from the agony of Knowing.

I cannot give up because I cannot allow the animals to have one less voice.