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Our Sermon Section
By Gordon - 29 Jun 2012

In Reference to: 24 June 2012 - Belief is Passive - Faith is Active

I then embarked on a 5 year odyssey searching for a "spiritual community" in which to live, which met 2 very simple (you'd think!) criteria: a belief in God as our Creator "Someone" (not a "something" or "all of us") and a compassionate diet. I felt my "best bets" were the "Hare Krishnas" and Adventists, but was disappointed by both. I could go on for pages why, but basically: the Krishnas wanted me to chant a mantra for hours on end and get on my face on the floor before an image, although preaching that an "expansion" of God resides our hearts. (Why would God want my/our nose on a smelly, dirty floor???) and the Adventists were too "Fundamentalist": actually believing the gory, illogical, and utterly ghastly nonsense about God demanding blood sacrifices of gentle, innocent creatures, at one time!!! (Something we know Jesus was adamantly against!)*

So I "gave up", and returned to "civilian life". (Piano tuning and repair, handing out CVA materials, and helping implement the reduction of the use of "animal products" in new and rebuilt pianos. - I hope to help discover an artificial felt for piano use, someday. It could work better, too, because animal felt is so hygroscopic that pianos sound quite different according to humidity swings!)

The Good News: there is major Hollywood interest in my true life story (full of genuine miracles -- please look up "The Unicycle" on NPR's website, a relatively "mild" one compared to some in the book, that was read on-air and included in a New York Times best-seller!) and it's nearly done!!! (Although I intend to self e-publish on Amazon, first, before 'handing it over" to ensure that no "mistake" is made about whose true story this is.

There are plenty of "rats" in Hollywood!") An Oscar-winning actress has expressed great interest, as have the ex-wife of a studio prez who said she'd show it to a VERY famous Oscar-winning director, and several otrhers...) If it proves lucrative, I intend to establish some immaculately clean and cheerful vegan restaurants, and farm communities to grow the food upon for them. (And also help out the CVA!)


* As you likely know, there is no "willing it" in the original Greek of Matthew 10:29; after Jesus says: "...and not one falls to the ground apart from your Father." When read in the context of surrounding passages, it is obvious that Jesus meant "..apart from your Father SEEING it!" But this "error" (in many editions) is a blatant case of Satan corrupting the heart of "translators" ( about half of all Bibles are printed with this atrocious perversion which presents a HORRIBLE conception of God! ) in a manner which then causes untold trouble on Earth.