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Our Sermon Section
By Phil - 24 Jun 2012

In Reference to: 24 June 2012 - Belief is Passive - Faith is Active

Pastor Frank:

Thank you for your sermon. One point was especially poignant:

“... it is these soft hearted Christians who are the ones being persecuted.”

This point coincides with a thought about the relationship between humans and animals that has being going through my mind lately:

It is the soft hearted animals who are the ones usually attacked and killed by humans. Those animals that sometimes kill humans – poisonous snakes, lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles, etc. – are rarely the preferred cuisine of humans.

Instead, humans attack, kill and eat those animals that are docile. Soft hearted animals - cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, deer – are often friendly toward humans and willing to co-exist with us.

But instead of reciprocating their willingness to like us, humans turn around and kill them.

There appear to be parallels between the characteristics of those animals that humans attack for food and those Christians who are singled out for persecution by other Christians. (I hope that I am not taking one of your comments too far out of context.) Just a thought ......

Best regards