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Our Sermon Section
By Maynard S. Clark - 24 Jun 2012

In Reference to: 24 June 2012 - Belief is Passive - Faith is Active

"So, this leads us to ask, how do we expand what we are doing?"

Sustainably, strategically, with forethought and 'mindfulness', effectively, with accountability for results - not welfarist results into which PETA fell but hadn't planned to fall, but real, incremental reform.

There are GAPS or PITFALLS into which we humans fall.  I think that - if anyone - a faith-based approach should address our human failings and weaknesses, also.

And we need to GET a sense that our standing here or moving 'to this place' is safe and sustainable, and for that reason, 'apologetics' of some source, but then, we have the differences in principles and values that characterize the current landscape of organized religion.

You have no doctrinal test, but you do teach in a regular way.  There's no assurance that others read or pay attention to any of this, but the message was 'put out' with regular frequency.

I'd like to see folks urged to try other options if that's where they're going, then you would show why your option is BETTER.

For instance, Buddhist (like Mike Shaw) SHOULD try Buddhist vegetarianism, but here are the key problems in going to Buddhism for ethical vegetarianism and veganism.

Muslims could explore various vegetarian Muslim possibilities, but they face some serious problems.

General Christian vegetarians DO have the SDAs - and could just 'hang out' there - but here's what the faithful expect of themselves (including keeping the Sabbath).

And there's the question of Christian marriage - Steve Kaufman would give you LOTS of flack on this because he's (IMO) a 'machine liberal' in Christian guise, but perhaps he's different.  I'm not sure.

And the whole CVA thing is SO ecumenical that the only agreement is in goals, and it all sounds more like the old EI - Ecumenical Institute - which combined Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, T'illich, and social action.

If social action is the ESSENCE of Christianity (rather than an EXPRESSION of it), then those who ask (with Tillich) the ULTIMATE question of Christianity's truth are left with seeing what other folks do in its name. And that's what we complain about.  Well, how about the sorting out of the sheep and the goats?  Not until much, much later?

Then, still, what about the PHYSICAL (and mental) HEALTH (and longevity and financial stability) of the 'congregation' (without which there's no actual REASON to join with one's neighbors (praying and singing in a religion that downplays public prayers?).