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Our Sermon Section
By Maynard S. Clark - 24 Jun 2012

In Reference to: 24 June 2012 - Belief is Passive - Faith is Active

Well, apparently not everyone is able to somehow FIND in her or his self the ability to (consistently) love others unconditionally.

The Calvinist in me can only point out that you point to our "works" as something we're able to generate of our own accord, without mentioning our 'invisible means of support' (which nontheists honestly believe is unreal, phantom, nonexistent, etc.).

Framing the policy as an ethical principle seems far more acceptable to lots of folks, and personal theists who HAVE (or think they have) and 'invisible means of support'  may rejoice that their ethical efforts are (somehow) easier than they are for others (because of that 'invisible means of support'), but surely the moral challenge ought to be framed so that everyone - all 7 billion of us worldwide - can understand it (without thinking that we're wading through someone else's worldview).

But I find it curious that indeed you are working at this in a way no one else seems to be doing (at least, it's difficult for us to FIND - via the Internet - anyone doing this sort of thing).

I think that SDAs do this, and (I seem to recall that) their theologies are pretty much in line with those of classical Wesleyan Methodism.