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Our Sermon Section
By Chip - 12 Oct 2011

In Reference to: 11 September 1988 - ALL OF HELL WITNESSED JESUS CHRIST’S VICTORY


I'm not sure where you are seeing the anger in my words, however I am passionate on the point as to the nature of God.

In the earliest manuscripts found to date, the name Yahweh appears over 7000 times in the Hebrew texts. I think that it is significant that the Creator, God of the Jews and Father of Jesus has a personal name. In English and many other languages it is Jehovah or a derivation thereof.

The term Yeshua (Jesus in many languages) is not found in the OT. Jews were and are monotheistic and don't see Jesus as God incarnate as do many main stream religions.

If you look at the whole body of scripture and examine each scripture as to its meaning, then and now, you will see consistently that the overwhelming evidence points to Jesus and Jehovah as two distinct dieties. God Almighty and Creator of Jesus is Yahweh, Jehovah. Jesus, "the firstborn of creation" is a god, in that he possesses God-like qualities from his father, but he is a creation, not a being. Only Yahweh, "I am" is a being, in all the universe he is the only thing that has always been. Everything else in the universe was created by him or through him with Jesus as his "master worker." I can give you scriptures to validate these facts, many if not all, you likely know but having read from an archaic Bible translation which has not kept pace with "new" findings and information.