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Our Sermon Section
Comments by Robin - 18 Mar 2010

In Reference to: 25 March 1990 - WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE JESUS AS MY SHEPHERD?

I started to email a comment and then cancelled it and realized I had totally missed the message.

Sometimes I stay quiet about who I am, a child of God, because I work and volunteer with so many people who don’t know Jesus or who seem to have missed his message. So I stay quiet not to offend anyone or make myself uncomfortable.

This message has really inspired me and I am going to try to step up and speak boldly.

Thank you for these messages. I struggle with going to church because it seems like so many churches have missed the message especially when it comes to animals, but I miss not hearing the word. These emails help sustain me, I pray to find a group or church that believes the very message that you speak.

Thank you,