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Comments by Marcela - 6 Apr 2008

In Reference to: 6 April 2008 - Love According to the Father of Lies

Many people may think your words are hard words, but you say the truth to people whether they like it or not; and the truth will remain before God's eyes.

I found so much lack of compassion in the church toward human beings when they are in need, when they are really poor.

You know in Egypt there is so much misery, but people (Christians) like to be blind about it. I have neighbors, and even the lady whom I live with that when the time comes to help them, like for example at the end of the year they are suppose to give them some money as a new years gift, and they give so little, they give something like 1 pound! to the boy who pick up the garbage every morning. This would be like a quarter for somebody in USA.

And when I mentioned that that was too little money, they say "oh this people have properties they are rich", (trying to justify their lack of mercy) and I said, "yes they are so rich, that's why they come and pick up this stinky garbage every morning".

Of course they didn't like my commentary, and the lady who lives with me told me that they don't need my opinions. Like you well said, they don't want to be bothered in their comfy lifestyles, starting with the pastors of the church.

It really is amazing the lack of mercy, if you see misery here in Egypt you will cry, how these people can live like this, I pray so much for them, and I feel so impotent.

Oh Jesus come soon!

So, imagine about compassion for animals exists.  Sometimes I feel the situation among Christians is hopeless, and I just want to go soon to be with God, and I really really ask Jesus to come as soon is possible.

I remember your wife said that, that she ask him so, because she can not see so much suffering, this is exactly what I feel every time I have to face such situations.

You know what I want to do?

I want to print this preaching and give to the pastors wife and others.

Yes, they maybe will get upset with me. I don't care anymore.

When I die I have to give account to God about what I did and what I didn't do.

So I will kindly give it to them even when I know this may mean trouble to me.

But are we in the willing to go thru pain for Jesus, for God's Kingdom?

So, pray for me, actually for them so this word you wrote can touch their hearts in some way.

And for me too, that my heart get stronger in Jesus with his peace, so any harsh word to me will not affect me that much. I really need that.

Thanks for all you do.

Thank you so much.


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