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Comments by Alexandra - 15 Feb 2008

In Reference to:  17 February 1991 - THE RAINBOW AND THE WITNESS

Dear Frank!

AMEN on this sermon! My son and I do like reminding ourselves of this promise when we see a rainbow in the sky, that all the evil we see, God allows out of kindness and love, else He would have to destroy it all. Instead, and sadly, we humans are destroying it all and ourselves and all the lovely creatures with it. Apparently only about 4% of the oceans are untouched by human destruction nowadays.  So we humans have done our damages even to the ocean by now. The end cannot be far away at the rate we are destroying everything!

But as His children, we are to be witnesses in Him. As you say so correctly: No matter what the world say and do, we know the truth and should hang in there for and unto Him. Let us rather suffer for righteousness, not fearing or being troubled by their intimidation. Giving a defence when asked, but not force it on anyone the way they force their ideas and opinions on us in return. Keeping a good conscience so that in the thing in which we are slandered, those who revile our good behaviour in Christ may be put to shame! Isnít this both wonderful and sad? Wonderful to know that truth will be revealed when He returns, but sad that so many rejected it and fought against the Lordís ways.

Love in Christ,


P.S. I can quite understand why you have decided to give up ministering to the hard of heart! I feel drawn/called to bringing the Lordís message to the unreached and poor Ė thus missionary work. As like you, I do not see the Lordís message reaching the hard of heart that has become rich in the eyes of the world.

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