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Comments by Alexandra Raen - 21 Jan 2008

In Reference to: 17 January 1993 - OF THE LAW, OF LOVE, OF GRACE, AND OF HOLINESS

Dear Frank!

Yes, this is a good way of looking at how to keep the Sabbath holy.

Something I must admit, I struggle with at times! I would never wish to be like the Pharisees, suppressing good work done on the Sabbath, because Iím too pedantic. But at the same time, I wish with all my heart not to break this forth commandment! Perhaps I am SO anti Pharisee-type behaviour (grew up with lots of very pedantic laws regarding Sabbath around me) that I break the laws of Sabbath too easily.

I can remember often thinking as a child that if ~Jesus was around He would surely have seen the goodness of such and such a deed done on a Sabbath, etc.

Do the things that show the Lordís love and grace Ė thatís what it is all about for me and what I try to do on the Sabbath. That is apart from indulging in lots of Bible study and prayer without feeling I should perhaps have been using my time differently!


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