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Comments by Richard Cox - 23 May 2007

In Reference to: 17 Jun 2001 - How Should We Honor Our Father?

Well I had been thinking about it all day before reading your email, and at one point I found it totally justified and at another I did not.

If nothing else, the articles on your site did prove this to me; I won't be eating meat when it is unnecessary for sure which is most of the time. i.e. all of the time that is not commanded, until I see evidence otherwise for those things as well.

One thing I thought of was this.

Just to give you some background on me, I am a Torah observant believer. One thing I learned is that the event referred to commonly as the last supper is a type of Passover itself, in fact, the ceremony called communion in most churches "Do this in remembrance of me" I do at Passover along with remembering the exodus, its a strong comparison. I can see where the lamb may no longer be necessary as part of Passover, I had considered it myself before. And I thought about the fact that only matzah and wine is mentioned at the "last supper". Because, of course, Yahshua (Jesus) was the lamb.

However, why then would Yashua feed his congregation fish during the sermon on the mound? This has been the one question ringing in my head that sets any kind of doubt at all. I can completely see otherwise though where your ministry is coming from. And thats saying alot, because I have been a very kosher carnivour. If you could just address this 'fishy issue' for me?

Where the soul is concerned, yes the blood is the life, and that makes lots of sense to me. As does the Hebrew. But I will want to study that further myself, which as honest as your ministry is, would likely be your advice anyway.

Thank you again for assisting me in seeking knowledge of YHWH's Kingdom.

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