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Comments by Alexandra - 4 Sep 2006

In Reference to: 29 August 1993 - HOW STRONG AND HOW PURE IS OUR LOVE?

Well, that’s what I mostly experience, no strife or war, but unfortunately my experiences have been where others are not happy when I wish to follow the Lord’s will and it’s against their will. They then accuse me of thinking I’m better than them, even though it was not what I was thinking, I was rather wishing I could avoid the conflict of opinions, and wondering if I should perhaps not have spoken out in the first place. It is often at this point that others become aggressive towards me, perhaps even shouting at me saying why do I think I know better than them or better than doctors or better than 99% of all humans, etc.

No I’ve learned not to care if others shout and falsely accuse me of all sorts – but it took many years of these kinds of experiences to realize I waste my time taking their accusations or opinions seriously. Their adamancy has no correlation with whether their opinions are worth considering or not.

When I was growing up as a child, I lived in a very sheltered community, where I did not meet with opposition of opinions – all within the community very much (strongly) sang from the same song sheet. Nothing that was done in this community was seen as evil acts. So it was a hard and steep learning curve for me to cope with different opinions and which of these different opinions are worth taking notice of and which is pure evil, etc.

Now I feel I’ve finally come to some ‘intuitive’ way of ignoring and avoiding evil opinions – separating myself from evil – or at least knowing when to stand very strongly in the face of evil. And what is good and clinging unto the good. But I suppose this is something we all continue to learn until we’re perfect, none of us non-perfect people have 100% intuitive knowledge of good and evil. The new-age idea of what is evil for you is evil and what is good for you is good has greatly confused me. We are not the measure stick each one individualistically, there is only 1 true measure stick of good and evil and that is God and His word the Bible. If we all were our own gods so to speak deciding for ourselves what is good and evil, then indeed some of the accusations from these people are true, who am I to say that my way of believing in Biblical principles is the correct way for me when their opinion of what is the correct way for me is different….

Love in Christ,


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