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Comments by Arthur Poletti - 16 Nov 2004

In reference to: 17 March 1996 - CONCERNING THOSE WHO HAVE EYES, BUT DO NOT SEE

Dear Frank:

You are an example of a person that is willing to consider the merits of many individuals religious beliefs. Most people I know seem to walk around with blinders on and think that their religion is the only true religion. Your sermons are filled with verses that stress the importance of not using religion just for selfish reasons. To give more than take.

Reading and believing in God's word presumes that a person understands what they are reading. For me any religion that stresses the importance of kindness and nonviolence to all living creatures is fine.

Kindness and nonviolence can solve most of the problems in the world.

The multitude of hazards caused because of cruelty to animals should be easy for people to understand and want to solve. The truth is very few people really understand the problem and very few care about REALLY helping to solve it.

So, yes Frank, you are right, unawareness and being creatures of habit are two major obstacles to overcome to gain real wisdom about any subject.

Thanks for exchanging thoughts.

For the sake of all animals.


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