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Comments by Romeo O. Lopez - 8 Oct 2005

Dear Sir,

You quoted...

"What does it really mean when God commands us to keep the Sabbath day holy?

In understanding our answer, and the true intent of God's word, it doesn't matter whether we celebrate the Sabbath on the last day of the week or the first day of the week.

We also need to remember that there were no calendars when God created the heavens and the earth. Perhaps He may have begun on a Wednesday and ended the following Monday. It is only from our tradition that we assume that God started His creation process on Sunday and ended on Friday."

I quoted the above from your article/sermon to give you my comments/questions, as your website welcomes such. Please note that I am not a denominational believer. I would appreciate very much receiving your reaction on the following:

1. How can men fathom the true intent of the Almighty God in regard to HIS Sabbath? Men have interpreted this command to suit their belief system.

2. Is it not enough that we obey HIM the simplest way possible as we have understood HIS command?

3. Do we have to put words into HIS mouth in order to come up with a man-made interpretation of a simple command?

4. Don't you think it is irresponsible to say that it doesn't matter when or what day we "celebrate" the Sabbath? It is like telling the Almighty God: "hey, it's my call and not yours when I will keep your Sabbath".

5. How can we not be sure of the Sabbath day when the Saviour Himself knew when to observe it? How can the apostles observed it if they didn't know if the day is seventh or first or second, etc.?

6. Did the Saviour observe the Sabbath based from tradition since there was no calendar then as you said?

7. The command was crystal clear...SEVENTH DAY to keep holy. Shall we insist on other day?

8. Did the Saviour forget to tell His apostles that He changed the command to another day? In the Gospel books, never did He observe the Sabbath on any other day neither the apostles.

9. Must we contradict our interpretation with that of the Saviour and the apostles in its observance? I could not possibly entertain the idea that the Saviour did not follow His Father's Will...and the Will of the Father is to keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

10. I will not buy the idea that the Almighty God would not leave a "clue" to trace back when is the seventh, the sixth, the fifth, etc. If it was the case, then we are doomed to a "guessing date" game for all eternity.

Thank you...trust that you find time in replying.

Romeo O. Lopez
Saudi Arabia

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