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Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Stephen R. Kaufman
25 June 2001

Hello, Frank.

Regarding your cats not killing a mouse, I found your story most interesting.   Just because I'm a skeptic doesn't mean you're wrong.  I strongly suspect that all creatures, including humans, have natural proclivities.  These tendencies are not "hard-wired," and we can adapt our behavior to our environment.  A world in which compassionate behavior is encouraged and violent behavior is discouraged can bring humans and nonhumans closer to the "peaceable kingdom" Isaiah envisioned.

Just wondering.  Are your dogs and/or cats vegetarian or vegan?  It can be difficult keeping vegan cats healthy, I understand.  I wonder whether a taste for flesh might encourage more violent behavior among humans and/or nonhumans.

In Christ's peace,

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