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Comments by Roger Kimble
10 July 2001

Dear Don,

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your time and effort.

Actually, neither Frank nor Mike answered any questions.  They did give their opinions and I respect that.  However I still feel the same as I did when the first letter was posted.  So nothing has been settled fully, and I suspect we are going to have to let it rest at that.  We all have differing views as to what means we will use to hopefully get to the same ends.

I do want to say I have the utmost respect and admiration for your running the sanctuary you speak of in your posting.  I well know the problems as well as the joys of what you are doing.  As I have stated in earlier posts (not to beat a dead horse-had to say that :) )  I and my wife worked with the Humane Society for over thirty years.  Then when our daughter came along, she too helped with the animals. We too took in everything; dogs, cats, birds, injured wild animals, whatever.  No questions asked, so like you, we never knew with what we were dealing.

I kind of became, for awhile, the cat shelter.  Still am, for that matter.   I well know that the owner is responsible for the actions of his/her pet.  We stressed that heavily when someone would adopt an animal at the shelter.  In addition, we gave them a printed sheet which, among other things, again pointed this out.

I don't intend to get too personal here, but just so you will know from where I am coming, I grew up a hunter.  I hunted every game animal or bird or varmint (hunter's term) in my area of the country.  After serving a few years in the military, I was still a hunter, but not with the same drive.  I finally gave it all up years ago, and now kill nothing, absolutely nothing, that is not threatening myself or my family.

So, I think we are all taking somewhat different paths to the same destination. I have seen or read nothing that has changed my mind about my ways, and I feel sure I have not changed anyone's else's. That's OK.

God Bless you and your wife,


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