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Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Roger Kimble
8 July 2001

Dear Don,

Then, Sir, I would assume that by violent you mean the killing, tearing, wounding, or eating of another animal.

Would then chaining, caging, boxing, or imprisoning an animal be non-violent, and is that a better fate?

In order for the wild creatures to be safe from our companion animals, must we then take precautionary steps, just in case, however harmful and cruel to our companion animals, to secure the safety of these wild animals?

I fail to see, and it may be my cloudy vision, the justice in doing an evil thing to one set of creatures, on the chance that these creatures may, that is may, inflict harm on another creature.  Death is quick. Being tethered to a chain for years is a horrible, daily, cruelty.

I am sorry. I do not understand the reasoning here.


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