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Discussion About the Article:
Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Roger Kimble
4 July 2001

Dear Frank,

I want to thank you for your kind and reasoned response to my posting.  It is obvious that we disagree on whether or not the behavior patterns of animals are learned or instinctive.  I think that we will have to agree to disagree on this point, and that is fine with me.

I agree with you that we certainly do have dominion over the animals, and that confining our companion animals would prevent them from hunting other animals.  I could not do this, for imprisoning these animals would be a greater evil, in my opinion, than letting them run free.  While the companion animals are only doing what their instincts tell them to do, and therefore have no sense of doing wrong, they would be given a greater, perhaps, punishment than being killed themselves.  I would know why I chose to cage them, and I would be the perpetrator of wrong doing.  I would be giving them sure punishment on the chance they might catch a bird or chipmunk, or whatever. I agree that confining these companion animals would certainly stop them from hunting, but the means here to reach a better end are not justified.  While I could cage all of my animals to prevent their own chances of being hurt, I would not do so, because I believe I would be doing them a gross injustice, depriving them of happiness and contentment.   Were I able to ask them which they preferred, free and risk, or jailed and safe, I believe they would choose free.

Back to your original premise, which is more important, I agree that The United Methodist Church certainly erred in the presentation of the article.  They had a chance to speak out against violence, and instead of doing so, actually condoned and encouraged it.  It is here that the true failure lies, for if the church does not stand against violence, as outlined in the Bible, then we are indeed in perilous times.   Instead of praising Bush, the violence should have been condemned.  Bush was present, he could have stopped it.  He chose not to do so.  In the same light, the church was presented with the material, and chose, in effect, the same path as Bush.

I think we are in deep and serious trouble.  If those who are supposed to be the purveyors of the truth are so blinded they cannot see it, then what are the people they purport to lead to do?  In this and other matters lies the diminution of the influence of the church in our land.

May God Bless you,


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