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Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Roger Kimble
29 June 2001

Allow me to say a few words concerning the violent role model topic that is under discussion, and whether or not the violence displayed by animals is learned.

Having owned many, many dogs and cats, and other animals over the years of my life, I would have to say that the aggressive tendencies they display is definitely not learned, but rather inborn.  It is called surviving in a world that makes that very thing difficult and sometimes impossible.

While I no longer kill anything that is not trying to injure me, in nature I accept it as the way that it is. While I admire and love the beauty we see in nature, I also realize that each day for the creatures that live in the wild is another day to kill to eat, to exist, and to avoid being themselves killed.  Bambi isn't, and never was.

But we were talking about pets, not wild animals.  But the same predatory instincts still exist in them.  A dog or a cat, just fed a fine meal, will stalk and kill it's prey nonetheless.  You may rant, whip, verbally scold the animal, but it will not stop the animal from doing the same thing again.

Perhaps this shift happened at the Fall, that I do not know.  But it is there now, and that is a fact.  I don't know how many birds have been left at my front door as a "gift" from one of my cats.  The cat itself is doing me the highest honor, giving to me it's very means of survival, it's food.  What more could the cat do to show it's love?  The tragedy lies in the death of the bird, for it was simply the prey that the cat naturally killed.  I wish it were not that way, and I think that someday it will not be that way, but in the meantime animals are going to hunt and be hunted.

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