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Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Pat Zimmer
25 June 2001

I really don't know what to say about violence or nonviolence in animals.  I have nine cats now and I will say that maybe I have one who would not hurt/kill something wiggly and small.  Some of my cats I have not had since kittenhood so I can't say if "they" were taught to be violent or not but I do have four cats that I have had since each was five weeks old.  At that stage they didn't hurt a "fly." They have never gone outdoors and have been raised by myself with nothing but love.   "They kill."  They had been stalking a poor little squeaky mouse for about a week and I had not been able to find it to catch it myself but could hear it squeaking occasionally.  Yesterday I found it on my living room floor. They had killed it but made no attempt to eat it.  Once it was dead they lost all interest in it.  My daughter has two gerbils and all the cats would give their eye teeth to be able to get at them.  When the cats are after something the expressions on their faces are unlike any other.  It is as if they go into a kill trance and they focus on nothing else.  Even my dogs will catch bugs and kill them when the bugs get into the house.  My collie-shepherd caught a bug last evening that had gotten into the house and she ate it.  When I let my dogs out into the back yard and they happen to see a squirrel they all tear after it but it always escapes up a tree.  I really don't know what they would do if it didn't go up the tree.  I don't like them to do this but they don't listen to me when it comes to small moving animals.


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