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George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Mike Shaw
8 July 2001

Dear Roger...

Your points are well taken... I have a friend whom I recently, just over a year ago, converted to both Christ and Vegetarianism... He has even been out protesting the circus with me.  Yet, he keeps his dog tied up in the back yard all day and only lets it in at night if it is cold or overly hot.  I have complained to him, but he says it is an out door dog.  But, to me the dog still gets lonely... As soon as my friend gets home that dog tries so hard to stay with him.  The separation anxiety of the dog must be great.  Unfortunately, while I have convince my friend mentally of God and Vegetarianism, there does not seem to have been a change of heart.  I just shake my head.... even mutual friends tell me that he seems cold and dismissive with both people and animals... Oh well, for now he is eating veggie dogs... I will keep working on him...

By the way, I have complained to our Humane Society about people leaving dogs out in the Canadian winter of some 20 degrees below C. temperatures and they tell me there is nothing they can do about it.


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