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Comments by Michael Shaw
7 July 2001

Dear Heather,

I realize your letter was written to Mary and Frank, however, I felt drawn to respond.  I must say that I side with Frank and I feel that the Bible tells us that we are here to take care of the animals and the earth... this includes teaching them not to kill.  We humans have natural instincts to do nasty things as well and we are taught not to.

We are told by scripture that when the Messianic Kingdom arrives that there will be no more killing.  Further, in the beginning God had ordained all animals and humans to be vegetarian.  With this in mind we must work towards this Messianic Period.  No, I can not stop animals in the wild from killing... however, as I stated before, my vegetarian dog does not desire to kill or chase other animals.  Why? because, like humans not only do animals have instincts for survival (violence) but also they have instincts for transcending violence and surviving through cooperation and love.   When my dog first saw a squirrel he just went crazy trying to get it.  I told my dog that the squirrel was "nice" and that he should not hurt it.  I use the word "nice" to describe everyone and everything that I want him to care for.   Not only does my dog (Lucky) love to sit with other animals now, but he will even come to tell me when the birds or squirrels are at the door looking for food.

I don't know how God is going to bring about the Messianic Kingdom, however, we may very well be a part of that.  Perhaps genetic engineering will find a way to make wolves vegetarian... or perhaps it will be more supernatural.  What ever the case, I feel that animals such as dogs do have a higher spiritual aspect and that it is our duty as believers in God and lovers of His creation, to teach dogs or show dogs a more spiritual way.

Peace and Eternal Blessings,
Michael Shaw

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