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Comments By Mike Shaw
30 June 2001

I too have owned numerous dogs and cats along with other animals.  While I agree that they are born to survive, I disagree that a fed dog will still go out and stalk and kill its prey.  I have a dog now who is vegetarian and who has learned to sit with the birds as I feed them.  We have two cats that he loves and a mouse that just died after 2 years was friends with all.

I teach my animals by love and conversation as I do my children.  I have 3 children... one 27, one 16 the other 12.  I am told constantly that my children are the most moral, bright and honest children their teachers have ever seen.  I do not spank or whip, I have only had to send them to their rooms so few times I could likely count it on my hands.

I realized when I was a teenager that everyone wants to feel loved and be able to love... From this I realized the best way for this to happen is to have everyone feel valued.

As a minister I also work with troubled children and have had great results with children whom the mental medical health institutes have given up on.  I have literally changed devils into angels...

Animal may very well be born to survive, however, they also are born to copy their leaders especially dogs and if the leader of the family is truly one of peace and love, so too will the animals be, especially dogs...

Bambi is alive and well in London, Ontario, Canada....

Peace and Eternal Blessings,
Mike Shaw

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