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Discussion About the Article:
Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Frank L. Hoffman
3 July 2001

Dear Roger and Others:

From our reading of your posts on this subject, it appears that you let your animals run free.  Is this correct?

If so, then they could have learned their hunting skills from watching other cats and dogs.

Our experience, and that of several other, is that when the animals are controlled by us and prevented to running loose and hunting, they don't seem to learn the hunting skills or the desire to kill.  The chase remains a form of play.  As an example, one of our cats would sometimes chase our dog who was nearly 10 times his size. Neither of them hurt each other.  It remained a form of play, or perhaps a little dominance issue, as Nathan our cat, assumed the leadership role over Heidi our dog, which she submitted to, even though she had been taught to hunt by the people she had lived with prior to coming to live with us.  Our peaceful environment also seemed to help maintain peace among the animals.

This is part of the responsibility issue I wrote about in my article. President Bush allowed Millie to chase and hunt the squirrels.  This was obviously not a first time experience for Millie. She obviously learned these things previously.  Violence begets violence.

Remember what we are told in Isaiah's prophecy (11:6-9).  The peace among the animals and humans came about because the people of the earth became full of the knowledge of the Lord.  Peace does not come about until God's people begin to say no to all forms of violence, and take the peaceful steps to prevent it.  Remember also that we have been given dominion over violence so that we may rule in peace.

In the Love of the Lord,

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