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Comments by Evelyn Elkin Giefer
25 June 2001

Dear Pat and others,

May the Peace of Christ be with you all.

I have to agree with Pat that I think there are some animals whose instinct to kill gets the best of them, in spite of the fact that they are well-fed and have been loved and given a peaceful home and environment from infancy on.  According to Andrew Linzey and others, perdition is part of the chaos resulting from the Fall.  However, I wonder if some people, like Frank and Mary, and another woman I know, who live and meditate and pray for peace all the time, even making it their whole life's work, are able to create such a loving and peaceful environment that their animals can pick up the essence of non-violence just in being around them.  I certainly have not been able to teach my animals not to kill, even though I pray for them and with them whenever they demonstrate their violent natures. I am glad to know about Frank and Mary's cats and the lion that wouldn't eat meat.  It gives me hope that the Peaceable Kingdom is indeed on the way!

Your sister in Christ,

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