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Discussion About the Article:
Violent Role Models:
George Bush Sr. and the United Methodist Church

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Comments by Deb Carpenter
24 June 2001

Dear Frank and Mary:

Your post contained the following paragraph (I don't know if it's your statement or not):

"From my understanding of cats and dogs, their natures most often reflect the nature of the family with whom they live. For a dog like Millie to desire to hunt and kill, she had to have been taught.   Even if she showed such tendencies, Mr. Bush could have prevented such actions; instead, he encouraged them. He desired to exhibit the violent role model."

As a pet owner, let me say that this assertion is wholly incorrect.  I have had dogs who detested squirrels and would go after them at every opportunity, no matter how rigorously we discouraged them.  I have a dog now who thinks squirrels are wonderful creatures and doesn't hassle them in the slightest.  She even adored the baby squirrel we rescued after a storm last year while it was in our home.  I have been the unhappy recipient of "love presents" from neighborhood cats, such as baby birds I've helped feed and nurture all season found laying on my front porch, and their owners are as horrified as I by their bloodthirsty actions.  Just think, if pet owners could control their pet's behavior 100% of the time, there would be no children who are mauled by family pets, or joggers or bikers or mail carriers who are bitten.   This story no more shows a "violent role model" for former President Bush to admit that the squirrels were dead because of his dog's actions than it shows President Reagan was compassionate because he encouraged the squirrels to feel comfortable in an environment where they were clearly put at risk.

Your sister in Christ,

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