Reincarnation and Christianity


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Reincarnation and Christianity
Comments by Ray Barta - 9 Sep 2010

I have an open mind about the subject.

This is how my thinking points me:

In order to have a physical body to inhabit and command that body and to provide the opportunity for joy and happiness, that exist in linier time, a 3 dimensional physical reality must exist. Our physical reality took 14 billion years (Earth time) to create. Our bodies are immensely complex and took hundreds of millions of years to create, starting with "lower" life forms. Much wisdom and knowledge was used to achieve this.

We are eternal beings, we are consciousness without form, we inhabit the brains of our bodies in such a way that allows us to connect with our body's 5 senses to this physical realm of existence. The reason for the physical realm is so that we may experience the joy and wonder of being alive and interacting with others and enjoying the beauty and wonder that this planet has to offer, that can only be experienced when we inhabit a physical body.

Since we are eternal beings, we are a piece of God, we only perceive our separateness from God as an illusion, we and all conscious beings that inhabit bodies are God's consciousness. I strongly suspect that we have inhabited many bodies before and will again, for to only have one trip to the physical realm and to spend the rest of eternity as only consciousness without a body would defeat the reason for the universe and for life being created.

There is no logical rule that says that Earth is the only planet with life, and in such we might get to experience other planets in our other lives.

I don't want to never have a physical body again, I don't want to never experience a sunrise or swimming in a river or walking through the woods or petting an animal or hugging a friend. I don't want to be a disembodied soul for all of eternity.

What would be the point in that?