Reincarnation and Christianity


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Reincarnation and Christianity
Comments by Betty - 9 Sep 2010


Re: "But why would "we" get only one ride at this wonderful amusement park?

Perhaps our ride here could be compared to a very rough one at a real dirty county fair--while what's on the other side may be millions of times better than Disney World.

I see no reason that we can't have remarkable experiences as spiritual beings even in a physical realm. I think of Jesus after He was resurrected and how He wasn't recognized.

Have you ever had a dream in which you felt as though you were floating on air? If so, did you wish you could go back to the dream after you woke up?

I recently said that I feel sentimental about one or two homes that I've lived in before but would probably find it kind of depressing to go back now.

When my life is near the end, I think I will be ready to move on and see loved ones who went before me. I trust God to take care of the accommodations--just as He has here.

Ray, if you want to come back again as a physical being in a physical realm, I think that may be possible too.