Reincarnation and Christianity


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Reincarnation and Christianity
Comments by Betty - 9 Sep 2010


I'm one of those Christians who hasn't totally written off reincarnation as a possibility. I never had any experience to cause me to think it occurs, although I know at least one person who believes she was someone else in a past life. For some reason, my occasional thoughts about reincarnation are often about the spirit of a human coming back as a spirit in an animal or vice versa.

Mike, I've always been kind of intrigued by your combination Christian/Buddhist beliefs. I don't know much about Buddhism but assume that reincarnation is one of the main differences between Christianity and Buddhism. Are there other differences that ever leave you with a bit of an internal struggle, or do you feel that it all comes together nicely? I know there are many similarities among many World religions.

Ray, as far as what you said below:

"I don't want to never have a physical body again, I don't want to never experience a sunrise or swimming in a river or walking through the woods or petting an animal or hugging a friend. I don't want to be a disembodied soul for all of eternity."

I guess I feel almost the opposite way many times--as though I would like to be free and out of this body--although I've been pretty lucky so far (knock on wood) as far as pain. I have a feeling that if we are spiritual beings forever after we leave this life, there will be exhilarating joy and a type of communication among all of us, including the animals, that will transcend anything we ever experienced in this physical life. I think our purposes may include encouraging good over evil and facilitating healing wherever we can. I don't want to be some "disembodied soul" wandering around aimlessly and lost. Hopefully, that's not how it will be.