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Comments by Kelly Bindewald - 4 Aug 2007
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Commendations on speaking your mind and putting out there what God had planned for human consumption to begin with! I always like to see when people realize that “dominion” is just another word for guardianship, and not an excuse to do what ever you want with them.

I am a single mom and a vegetarian of 10 years (no dairy). One thing has been crossing my mind lately. I have been pondering that cooking foods above 105 degrees Fahrenheit could completely and irreversibly alter the molecular structure of the food. When you cook your veggies and fruits, you are no longer eating anything that contains “life” energy. Through my own testing on my self I went through several months of eating only cooked foods, and then reverting to my natural inclination of raw foods. Every time I go back to raw fruits and veggies 100% I feel better than on a cooked food diet.

What are your thoughts on this particular avenue?

Thanks for your input.


Looking for a better way.

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