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By Pat Rose - 28 Jun 2016

Re: Voice Of the Voiceless By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Dear Frank and Mary,  

I must say I'm delighted to get a response from you. I have written to websites before, left a msg and then never heard from anybody. This was a pleasant surprise.   So you guys are as mystified as I am about the different versions of EWW's lovely poem. I was so hoping her original version would be the one I saw in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception." That middle stanza is very compelling and I think central to the whole poem. But if it doesn't appear in any other edition of her poem, then it can't have been written by her. Though written by a very competent poet--the words are magnificent--but still, not Ella's words, I'm afraid. Else they would be in other editions.   Thank you for inviting me to look at your spiritual and inspirational poetry page but I couldn't find it in your website. I will happily take a look at it, if you give me directions (I was using the right-hand vertical list of subjects in your email). I am really curious about the three versions of EWW's poem that you have there.

But as I am a Jew and your organization and website are heavily Christian oriented, I know I would not feel comfortable joining your group. However, I'll be glad to browse through some of the poetry.

I wonder how to interpret your closing remarks: "If we really want G-d to bless America and the Earth, GO VEGAN!" Considering that many, if not most, animals on Earth are not Vegans, but eat flesh, I hardly see why man should refrain from doing the same. It does suggest it, in Gen. I:30, that G-d intended humans and all animals to eat green herbs and what-not for food. But they don't all do this. Some do: koala bears (or is it pandas?) eat eucalyptus leaves; some marine life eat only vegetation, other marine life eat each other; many birds eat only seeds and non-organic matter, other birds eat each other. Some animals eat flesh only. Humans have developed a taste for both. Who can say which is right and which is wrong? I personally feel it's a biological thing: some organisms need animal protein and others don't.

Thank you again, for responding to my earlier email. If I find the answer to the Ella Wheeler Wilcox mystery, you will be the first to know!

Most cordially,

Pat Rose 

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