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Our Poetry Section
By Penny - 29 Nov 2011

Re: Why Vegan? By Heather Leughmyer

I'm overwhelmed and brought to tears by Heather's poetry. I would like so many others to read it, but I can already sense the immediate rejection as it starts to touch a conscience. I have been aware of all these things we humans do for so long, but I have never been hit so hard with this reality as I was this time.

Thank you, Heather, for the courage you show in expressing your love for God's creatures. I came upon your works when I went to the website for the book, ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW. The book is being used by a small ministry, God's Creature Keepers, at my Methodist church in Margate, Florida. We are a study group as well as an action group.

Blessings to you from Penny